Biospace med
Biospace med (Booth 2038) is introducing its recently FDA-cleared EOS ultra-low radiation dose x-ray imager along with its new image workstation, sterEOS, which enables 3D skeletal reconstruction. sterEOS 3D is currently commercially available in Europe and Canada for spine, and is cleared in the U.S. for adult spine patients over 16 years of age.

EOS is particularly well suited for clinical indications such as spine pathologies and hip and knee arthropathies, where a weight-bearing assessment is necessary to ensure optimal treatment. EOS can capture head-to-toe images of patients in a standing, weight-bearing position with a dramatic reduction in radiation dosage—up to 10 times less than a conventional x-ray and up to 1,000 times less than a CT scan, the company says. Additionally, the new sterEOS 3D reconstruction and measurement workstation is designed to reduce surgical planning time and help establish the most effective course of treatment.