BIOTRONIK introduces Lumax 540 cardiac devices
BIOTRONIK has launched its Lumax 540 series, which includes implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) and a cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D), at Cardiostim, held June 18-21 in Nice, France.

The Lumax series, together with BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring, allows for continuous automatic daily data transmission of the patient’s cardiovascular status, according to the Berlin-based company. The information is available to the physicians online allowing them to continuously check their patients’ cardiac and device status. 

BIOTRONIK said its Lumax 540 series has features to ensure that patients receive the therapy adapted to their individual needs while maintaining safety:
  • SelectSense has various presettings to adapt sensing characteristics to individual patient needs to ensure accurate arrhythmia detection;
  • The Defibrillation Threshold Manager ensures that life-saving shock therapy;
  • The Automatic Threshold Monitor performs daily threshold measurements; and
  • The Heart Failure Monitor detects changes in heart failure conditions with an extensive range of clinical predictors.      
A comprehensive set of diagnostic capabilities included in the Lumax 540 devices help physicians with the identification of clinically relevant atrial fibrillation and the detection of worsening heart failure status, according to BIOTRONIK.

The company said its Lumax 540 devices offer the combination of advanced tachycardia therapy management, diagnostic capabilities and remote monitoring technologies, which support physicians in creating efficient care pathways for their patients with cardiac devices and further improve patient care.