Boston Scientific
Boston Scientific (18077) is featuring the third software enhancement to its iLab Ultrasound Imaging System. The Maple Grove, Minn.-based firm said the latest iteration to the modality is designed to strengthen physician confidence in the diagnosis and intervention of percutaneous coronary intervention and increase workflow efficiency.

Boston Scientific said it has introduced enhancements to the iLab System 1.3 that give physicians the ability to preview device sizing decisions, colorize plaque and blood flow, and overlay color to enrich viewing an intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) image.

The product’s iSize feature allows the user to preview device sizing decisions by displaying area and length measurement graphics in the cross-section and the firm’s Longview technology images, and assists the physician to determine appropriate sized devices for use in coronary procedures. 

An iColor feature enhances image interpretation by adding color to the cross-sectional view, coloring plaque and lumen based on the company’s Trace Assist technology for image interpretation. An iTint feature in the 1.3 iteration also overlays color to the IVUS screen at the discretion of the physician. Additional features include the ability to perform a new run with the push of a button and an icon magnification tool.