Boston Scientific unveils iLab upgrade
Boston Scientific has released an upgrade to its iLab software for the iLab ultrasound imaging system--intravascular ultrasound technology that provides a 360-degree view inside the heart and coronary vessels.

The principal new feature of the system, iMap, provides a detailed color analysis of plaque composition within the targeted areas, according to the Natick, Mass.-based company.

In addition to iMap, the iLab software includes features such as Modality Worklist Management, which allows a physician to access a patient's profile from a hospital server and view it on the iLab system monitor. Additional features include an on-screen print icon and the ability to edit and save video images of a procedure directly to CD, DVD or hard drive.

The iLab software is currently in a global limited market release with full commercial availability planned for later this year in all regions.

iMap software is not currently approved for sale in the U.S.