Brit releases enhancements to outsourced reading services
At the 2008 RSNA conference, Brit Systems demonstrated new enhancements to its Roentgen Works remote reading service, a new workflow solution that enables radiology groups of all sizes to provide outsourced radiology reading services.

Brit also showcased the use of advanced technologies, such as AJAX and Skype embedded in the Roentgen Works and demonstrated newly developed tools such as the discordance and urgent findings tools. The Roentgen Works offering also includes Brit’s newly developed integrated voice dictation and transcription solution.

Brit also introduced Brit View II, a new standalone DICOM viewer that will be sold, distributed (downloaded) and supported over the Internet.

Several new partnerships were also announced at RSNA. Brit is moving into the international market by partnering with Tamer Group in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Brit will provide the organization with PACS, RIS and teleradiology solutions, as well as power its reading service with the Roentgen Works.

Two new technology partnerships are leading to new viewing capabilities on Brit’s workstations. New tools for nuclear medicine images are also available as a result of integrating Invia Medical Imaging Solutions’ 4DM-Spect on a Citrix server. This thin-client viewer allows clinicians to view nuclear medicine images on the same workstation as other modalities.

The firm also announced a technology partnership with Ten20, an orthopedic and neurosurgical company. Ten20 is working with Brit developers on specialized viewing tools and packaging for their customer set. With the continued integration to OrthoView’s templating product, Brit will have the capability to provide a complete digital orthopedic PACS solution.