CalRHIO doling out $340,000 to enhance statewide Health IT
CalRHIO, a statewide Californian initiative to create a secure healthcare IT network linking Golden State hospitals, doctors and clinics, announced it is channeling an estimated $340,000 to four safety net health information exchanges. Three of four networks are located in the greater San Francisco Bay area. 

The funding was provided by an earlier grant made by Blue Cross Blue Shield of California, according to CalRHIO. There were four institutions awarded up to $85,000 each to enhance existing information networks: The San Francisco Community Consortium; Heraldsburg’s Alliance Medical Center; Santa Clara’s Community Health Partners; and The Tehachapi Valley Health Care District.

CalRHIO stated that three of the organizations will address electronic access to clinical data from local hospitals, while the other two will involve electronic specialty referrals for the safety net population. Also, the Alliance Medical Center's project will focus on electronic access to lab results and orders, according to the initiative.

An advisory group including individuals representing public and rural hospitals and community clinics awarded the current grants, which were selected from 12 submissions through a request for proposal process.