Capintec unveils DGScope offering
Nuclear medicine and radiation protection developer Capintec has expanded its product line with the introduction of the DGScope digital lightbox at the 93rd annual meeting of RSNA in Chicago this week.

The DICOM image display device features full touch-screen technology, dispensing with the traditional mouse and keyboard interface. According to Jessica Bede, Capintec president and CEO, the screen can be cleaned easily, allowing for the deployment of the DGScope in sterile environments concerned about pathogen transmission. It features a fanless cooling system that eliminates air flow, reducing the spread of airborne pathogens.

The DGScope dedicated display solution can function autonomously or can be integrated into a centralized hospital information system, PACS or RIS. It can display DICOM images for review from media such as a CD or DVD, using its user interface, and incorporates a 1GB network adapter for the importation of data from network storage or a remote site.

The compact design of the DGScope allows it to be installed on an office desk or table, a mobile cart, inside a wall or mounted on a Video Electronic Standards Association arm, according to Capintec.