Cardea to unveil BoneStation 2.0

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Cardea Technology is set to release version 2.0 of its web-based BoneStation application for the interpretation of dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) bone-density scans and creation of customized reports for physicians and patients.

The new version, scheduled for launch next month, includes a variety of new features including workflow tracking pages, intelligent report distribution, improved HIPAA compliance, cross-referenced scan and patient searches, and an optional managed application solutions provider (ASP)-based offering, according to the Boston-based Cardea.

A new workflow management section allows practices to track the status of patients, exams, and reports. BoneStation keeps users informed of activity from the time a patient appears for an exam to the time a report is distributed. A snapshot of any patient's exam may be viewed.

A "smart" report distribution capability allows reports to be directly printed and remembers the names and address of all recipients for automated processing. Reports may be distributed by hard-copy, fax, or email and integrated with hospital information systems, radiology systems and PACS applications.

Lastly, the BoneStation ASP option in the forthcoming 2.0 iteration makes the features of the application available as a managed service with patient data encryption and security features.