Cardium Therapeutics launches DNA therapeutic preclinical study
Cardium Therapeutics and its subsidiary the Tissue Repair Company have initiated preclinical studies, supported by an NIH small business innovation research grant, which are designed to establish the therapeutic potential of Corgentin to preserve heart tissue and cardiac function following a heart attack.

Corgentin is a DNA therapeutic that is based on the cardiac production of an insulin-like growth factor following a single intracoronary administration in an acute-care setting immediately after percutaneous coronary intervention in heart attack patients.

According to the San Diego-based Cardium, Corgentin is designed to enhance myocardial healing in and around the infarct zone when used as an adjunct to existing pharmacologic and interventional therapies.

The study will evaluate the comparative capability of fibroblast growth factor to protect heart tissue, and the objective of the treatment approach is to enhance myocardial repair and restoration of heart cells that have been injured as a result of a heart attack.