Carestream develops new RIS module
Carestream Health and the San Salvatore Hospital in the Province of L’Aquila in the Abruzzo Region of Italy are developing a module for the Kodak Carestream RIS that allows general practitioners to directly book digital x-ray exams and receive results on their PC.

The first project of its kind in Italy is currently underway involving 60 general practitioners (GPs) with plans to have the system fully operational with 90 doctors by the middle of 2009, Carestream said.

“We have set up a type of computerized round trip between the hospital and the GPs,” explained Carlo Masciocchi, MD, director of radiology at San Salvatore. “GPs can either book the investigation directly from their PC or ask the hospital to do it. In return, they receive the date of the examination to be notified to the patient. All this is in real time, with no queuing or waiting and no need for the patient to come to the San Salvatore Hospital several times.”