Cedara, AIT to market ARIA Breast Imaging System
Cedara Software, a Merge Healthcare company, announced at RSNA 2006 a new strategic relationship with Advanced Imaging Technologies Inc. (AIT) that markets the ARIA Breast Imaging System. Under the terms of the agreement, AIT will be provided with a broad range of software technologies including a console application for the ARIA imaging system.

Designed for enhanced imaging of dense breast tissue, the ARIA system utilizes holography, or the diffractive properties of sound, to produce data rich image sets.  Recent clinical studies indicate that ARIA images dense breast tissue very well, and provides high spatial and contrast resolution through an automated multi-planar paradigm. Beyond image quality, ARIA requires no painful breast compression or ionizing radiation and is safe for imaging women of all ages. Current capabilities include 3D reconstruction, support for real-time image-guided biopsy, enhanced image quality of dense breast tissue, as well as standardized image acquisition and display.

Cedara said it will be working with AIT on additional developments for the ARIA system to provide various advanced image processing, segmentation, and analysis features such as image stitching, skin line detection, and image enhancement (CIE).