Cedara releases software to enable additional clinical app plug-ins
Cedara Software released its C4 platform, an integration framework that enables modular integration of clinical applications with minimal impact on a PACS or other device. A C4-enabled host and clinical application provide an integrated desktop with procedure-centric workflow.

The C4 platform supports integration with many imaging companies' PACS, RIS and EMRs. The term C4 enabled refers both to the C4 host — PACS workstation software, for example — and to the clinical application that runs on the PACS, such as a 3D angiography visualization tool or a planning package for orthopedic procedures. C4 provides a standard interface for all bi-directional information between the C4-enabled host and clinical application module, creating a tightly integrated solution that is designed to maximize productivity.

Cedara also is developing multiple C4-enabled clinical applications such as I-ReadMammo for breast imaging, OrthoWorks ProPlanner for orthopedic planning and follow-up, PET/CT for advanced radiology procedures, and Cedara B-CAD, to assist in breast ultrasound analysis. New third-party clinical packages from Biotronics3D also are under development for 3D virtual colonoscopy, 3D angiography and 3D general diagnsostics.