Commissure launches medical clinical data systems
Commissure has entered into the healthcare information industry with a number of new clinical data systems for both clinicians and radiologists.

"We recognized a critical need to close the loop on accurate and timely documentation and communication between medical professionals," said Michael Mardini, Commissure CEO. "Commissure was founded to facilitate a no-holds-barred approach to innovation. Working in conjunction with leading healthcare facilities, we've created products with innovative, patented technologies and decision-support algorithms that are designed to reduce critical errors while optimizing clinical effectiveness."

These products include the RadWhere Suite and RadPort Suite. The RadWhere Suite provides a host of services for radiologists including a real-time, speech-reporting component uses patented natural language understanding algorithms to speed the reporting process and ultimately reduces how much the radiologist must say to complete a report. RadWhere also includes real-time, auto-structuring capability and enables automated knowledge access for mining clinical data as the radiologist speaks. In addition, key clinical content is added to the radiology report. RadWhere Suite also is capable of analyzing radiology reports and coding them with the proper ICD9 codes, eliminating the need for manual coding.

The RadPort Suite is built to assist referring clinicians with ordering radiology exams and accessing multi-media results for their patients. RadPort's decision support criteria, based on prior work by the American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria in this area, were developed by panels of physicians in all specialties of medicine. RadPort's Decision Support component is essentially a continuously updated knowledge base which suggests the most appropriate exam based on indications and history. RadPort also has the ability to allow the referring physician to easily check the status of an exam and review the report after the exam has been performed.