The Community Strategy: Designing EMR Programs for Voluntary Medical Staff
EMR implementation projects represent opportunities to strengthen voluntary physician alignment. This lecture provides a roadmap for designing programs in alignment with the strategic objectives of the hospital and medical staff.

Speaker Information:
Jeff Sturman, administrative director, Memorial Healthcare System;

David Vreeland, CPHIMS, PMP, partner at Cumberland Consulting Group.


  • Identify various statutes governing EMR implementation projects, such as Stark Law and IRS guidelines;
  • Summarize what a hospital can and cannot do to assist voluntary medical staff with their EMR implementation;
  • Discuss the importance of your hospital's competitive position and ability to support such a program financially;
  • Discuss aspects of program design including the number of options and meeting physicians' needs while keeping the support requirements manageable; and
  • Recognize the importance of a thorough communications and marketing plan to educate the medical staff and encourage feedback from them to further inform program design.