Compressus provides infrastructure for sustained growth with MEDxConnect

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Compressus showcased several MEDxConnect product line expansions during the 2008 Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) meeting Seattle.

The expansions include study routing management, which permits radiologists to review and diagnose studies from any workstation on the enterprise network.

The new routing by the MEDxConnect Medical Message Mediator in conjunction with the MEDxConnect Virtual Worklist is capable of automatically aligning studies and information in the right place. The MEDxConnect System, using HL7 and DICOM standards together, can achieve customer-prescribed delivery of appropriate data for review and diagnosis throughout the enterprise, according to the company.

Janine M. Broda, vice president and general manager of medical operability solutions, Compressus, told Health Imaging News that the system acts as a communications hub, enabling various PACS, HIS, RIS and other data information systems to connect and communicate across the enterprise. Utilizing HL7, DICOM, and other standards, the system helps control the flow of images, reports, messages, standard patient demographics and other important data for diagnosis and treatment planning of a patient between otherwise independent and disparate systems.

“It is really a piece of middleware that sits on top of existing PACS, HIS and RIS – anything you’ve got in your department that’s impacting workflow efficiency—and brings all the disparate systems into one solution,” Broda added.

MEDxConnect software indexes, integrates and routes all relevant patient medical information to the healthcare professional in real time. Information can be stored in MEDxConnect for any amount of time that the facility determines while sending information automatically to the long-term archive used by the disparate system, Broda said.

“The disparate systems are still responsible for the storage they were responsible for prior [to MEDxConnect],” Ed Schuler, product manager, medical imaging, told Health Imaging News. “We are just gathering all of the information, putting it in one spot for the radiologist can read the information without looking through three different systems or waiting for a CD to burn.”

“Simply—we have created a monster with this system,” Broda concluded. “We have created a dashboard that will allow a PACS administrator to monitor every process that is taking place within a facility.”