Corventis releases wearable, wireless cardiac monitor
Corventis has launched Avivo Mobile Patient Management System, a non-invasive, wireless system to monitor cardiac health.

The San Jose, Calif.-based company said its platform technology is designed to deliver visibility into the cardiac health status of patients by combining wearable sensors with computational algorithms, wireless capabilities and a web-based infrastructure. The system provides clinicians data on an exception basis to help diagnose potential health risks, including non-lethal arrhythmias.

A 15-centimeter waterproof sensor beams data to a cell-phone-like device in the patient's pocket or home, and measures temperature, heart and respiration rates, levels of physical activity, body position and body-fluid levels using sensors that include an accelerometer and an impedance monitor, Corventis said.

"We can transmit data from a patient to servers that can process the data--all without the patient knowing about it--24/7," said Ed Manicka, the company's president. "Your patient could be in Singapore, could be in Brussels, or could be across the room from you. And you can look at data from a website, or from an iPhone."