Crescendo releases dictation and speech recognition application for Citrix access infrastructures
Crescendo Systems Corp. last week announced that its entire product suite is now capable of running in Citrix – Access environments. Deploying digital dictation and speech recognition applications from the Citrix server allows for higher security and more efficient system administration. Rather than being stored on the local PC, dictation files are securely streamed to the central application. Crescendo is the first company to offer Citrix customers a comprehensive document creation solution powered by the Philips speech recognition technology SpeechMagic.
Citrix users can now record dictation seamlessly using modern dictation devices. Dictation files are streamed directly to the server, where they are converted to text by the speech recognition engine. Depending on a user’s preferred workflow, the recognized text is returned to the workstation in real-time, allowing the author to edit and sign off or the text can be accessed by a transcriptionist for editing and finalization.