CT census: number of CT studies growing
A new study shows that the number of CT procedures being performed at U.S. facilities is growing, according to IMV Medical Information Division’s recent census of CT sites in the U.S. The census showed that an estimated 62.0 million procedures were performed in 7,650 hospital and non-hospital sites in 2006, which is a 24 percent jump from 2003 (50.1 million). This represents an average annualized rate of 8 percent per year over the period. “With the rapid technological innovations in volumetric scanning, increased scan speed, thinner CT slices, and 3D visualization, CT scanners are continuing to transform the clinical landscape,” said Lorna Young, senior director, market research.  “As a result, radiology departments and imaging centers are stepping up the pace of replacing their installed base and adding capacity. Going forward, the replacement market will range from 1,200 to 1,600 units per year over the next five years, and the total annual market will exceed 2,000 units.” Other key findings of the report indicate that:
  • Fifty-eight percent of facilities with the systems perform CT angiography procedures;
  • Multi-slice CTs (16 slices or more) represent more than 80 percent of those installed this year;
  • Two-thirds of the systems will be replaced within seven years of installation; and
  • More than 60 percent of the sites use workstations for processing and displaying CT images. Three-dimensional viewing is considered an essential ingredient.
For more on the 2006 CT Market Summary Report visit: www.imvinfo.com