Data Storage & Archiving: Accessing Images Now
HIMSS 360Every healthcare organization needs an information infrastructure that not only meets current storage needs but anticipates data growth. Users want reliable and secure data storage and retrieval, interconnectivity, ease-of-use, speed and a cost-effective system. That’s a tall order but one that storage and archiving vendors are ready to deliver.

Agfa HealthCare (Booth #6737) is showcasing IMPAX Data Center, a component of Agfa HealthCare Clinical Data Center that provides the standard based multimedia repository for all types of medical images and diagnostic results. The IMPAX Data Center consolidates information in a central clinical data foundation, provides multi-departmental storage, supports all types of medical images and diagnostic results, scaleable to hospital groups, regional healthcare organizations and national archives and is a single point of integration to support the multimedia EHR. It offers a large-scale multimedia storage solution for all types of medical and administrative/financial images as well as diagnostic results for hospital groups, regional healthcare organizations and national medical archives.

EMC’s CenteraEMC Corp. (Booth #6636) is highlighting five components of an intelligent information infrastructure: tiered networked storage platforms, information management and protection software, active archiving, enterprise content management, and securing critical assets.

The new EMC CLARiiON CX3 UltraScale Series offers healthcare organizations maximum healthcare application performance, scalability, reliability and ease-of-use.  Each of the three CX3 models allow IT organizations to capitalize on the industry’s only midrange storage architecture with full end-to-end 4 gigabit-per-second (Gb/s) Fibre Channel technology. The new CLARiiON UltraScale architecture simultaneously supports high-speed 2 and 4Gb/s Fibre Channel disk drives as well as high-capacity 2Gb/s Low-Cost Fibre Channel (LC/FC) disk drives.

EMC Centera content addressable storage (CAS) provides active archiving for patient information such as patient records, PACS, email archiving, file system archiving, and content management. 

EMC Captiva Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions provide revenue cycle management for the hospital enterprise and physician practices. And EMC Documentum Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions provide a secure, standards-based central record repository through which any healthcare record is classified, encrypted and retained intelligently in a secure and auditable way, before the record is moved for archiving. 

IBM Healthcare & Life Sciences (Booth #2626) is demonstrating its standards-based infrastructure developed under contract from the Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS) as a foundation for the Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) for secure health information sharing among hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and physicians. The IBM solution will scale to a nationwide level, support electronic medical records at the provider level; enable personal health records and tie in public health department use of de-identified data for trending and census purposes.

InSite One Inc. (Booth #340) is announcing an upgrade to its InDex Web services. As a planned expansion to the InDex Web service, new capabilities in this release include advanced 3D viewing and orthopedic template options. The upgrade coincides with the release of the next generation of InDex services, Release 4.0.

InDex Web provides for viewing of high quality (i.e. “lossless” or lossy) digital images, regardless of the user’s location based on a centrally hosted service across the InSite One data centers. These core tools allow for the viewing of any exam in the InDex archive driven by a per-user worklist administered by the InSite One client.

Network Appliance Inc. (Booth #7050) is highlighting its disk-to-disk (D2D) solutions. NetApp is demonstrating the capabilities of the The NearStore Virtual Tape Library (VTL) — a disk-to-disk backup appliance that appears like a tape library to a backup software application but provides the superior speed and reliability of disk technologies. NearStore VTL provides disk-to-disk backup for any heterogeneous primary storage environment.

TeraMedica Healthcare Technology (Booth #4317) prior to showtime was a bit mum on a new product debut, saying only it will release details to select customers and prospects on a new version of Evercore that will distribute a comprehensive content enable viewer embedded directly in the context of the EMR, without secondary login. Every desktop with access to an EMR is now content enabled with lightweight holistic patient centric content, the company said. Clinical Content includes medical and non-medical images, reports or any other customer-specified digital content. This new version — created in response to the market’s search for a one-patient, one-screen, one-login solution — also will distribute enterprise content rapidly and seamlessly across Citrix-hosted networks branded in customer centric logos.