DatCard highlights new ?smart? product line
DatCard Systems, makers of the PacsCube, featured its SmartLine of products during the 2008 Society of Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) conference in Seattle. The new product line includes BabySmart and MammoSmart, which are currently available, as well as the soon-to-be released CardioSmart.

“We did not want to just put an image and report on a disc and supply that as a film replacement,” Andrew I. Rosenzweig, vice president of sales and marketing, told Health Imaging News. “We wanted to focus more on the consumer, rather than just the physician, so we built the SmartLine of products that encompass multiple disciplines within healthcare.”

SmartLine provides and empowers patients with educational information specific to mammography (MammoSmart), ultrasound (BabySmart) and many other disciplines on an automatically produced and customizable CD/DVD. Facilities can provide customized information to their patients and referring physicians, enabling them to quickly and efficiently design the look, feel and content of their discs, the company said.

Rosenzweig said that the premise is to provide not only images and reporting but a further value by putting educational content, and a marketing opportunity for a facility, on that disc as well. “The facility has the opportunity to dictate specifically what they want the patient to read or see on the disc,” he said.

Included on each disc are digital images, report, medical history and insurance information. Customizable educational content can include a glossary of terms, answers to frequently asked questions, live video capture as well as tools for further research.

Existing users of PacsCube can also incorporate in their current configuration some of the SmartLine concepts, he added.

“We wanted to offer more value, specifically more value to the patient,” Rosenzweig said. “The beauty of the product is that it can be anything that a facility wants it to be in order to put the power back into the patients’ hands.”