Defining why image management is important

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Why image management is important is the question that was answered in “Image Management” presentation by Jay Crawford, MHA, on Wednesday at the SIIM 2007 Pre-Conference Symposium in Providence, R.I. The manager of radiology informatics at Medical University of South Carolina said the answer is ultimately because it provides better patient care. The goal of information systems design is to get the right information to the right place at the right time. With that, Crawford described image flow and date integrity, particularly related to the increase of images due to multidetector scanners. Currently 50 percent of his images are CT. In determining what the right information is to store, Crawford said he would rather be cautious and store full date sets rather than reconstructed data only.

The outline of teaching file parameters was presented and the import and export of outside studies. Crawford said there is huge growth in the exchange of studies with needs for standards and policies. “Do you import at all? If you do, how long do you keep them?” he asked.

A look at an example of a bad reading room, Crawford posted an image of the dark and crowed room at his facility more than four years ago. “It’s not like that anymore,” he added. Proper reading room conditions consider environment and ergonomics.

Crawford discussed information systems within radiology, radiologist workflow needs, required data at PACS workstations, context, integrated functions, and clinical exam notes.