Diagnosing concussions may soon be as simple as ordering blood tests

Medical investigators just got one step closer to finding the “holy grail for head injury research,” in the words of Walter Koroshetz, director of the NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

He’s talking about a biomarker for concussions easily detectable in a blood test, which Orlando Health researchers suggested is worth pursuing after their study showed that a protein linked with head trauma may be present in blood up to a week after injury.

Many people affected by head trauma put off getting diagnosed because of time and trouble concerns.

The availability of a low-hassle blood test, which the researchers point out is still quite a ways off, might negate much of the procrastination.

JAMA Neurology published the study March 28.

US News & World Report was among the outlets that picked up AP’s reporting on the development: