Displays: The Big Picture
Ampronix (booth #6427) is bringing to RSNA 2003 its new 5 mega-pixel grayscale LCD, adding to its line of RadiForce LCD displays. The G51 provides accurate 5 mega-pixel image resolution for diagnostic applications including, MRI, CT and x-ray. The G51 utilizes an advanced ASV panel with 700 cd/m2 brightness, 600:1 contrast ratio, and 170-degree viewing angles.

Barco (booth #2158) is using RSNA to roll out its new DuraLight backlight display technology. The company says DuraLight extends the lifetime of medical LCD displays without increasing power consumption or compromising visual performance of the LCD display system.

Double Black Imaging (booth #2565) is making its own RSNA debut with several new products, including a remote administrative calibration package, a front-sensing auto-calibrating 5MP LCD, a 1MP LCD capable of replacing many existing CRT monitors, and a 2MP LCD with an expanded screen size. The IF2105 features an integrated front sensor for automatic DICOM grayscale calibration. The IF1801A is a 1.3 Mega-Pixel, 18.1-inch, high-bright monochrome LCD.   

Data Ray Corp. (booth #1953) will debut its ADCal 11, a 3 mega-pixel LCD flat-panel with more than 7,000 shades of gray and self-calibration. The monochrome LCD is designed to automatically detect 7,141 (12.8 bit) gray shades for static image mode and 1,786 (10.8 bit) for cinema mode.

National Display Systems Inc. (booth #4147) is releasing its PrimeVue 19-inch DICOM grayscale compliant color flat-panel display. The color display ships fully calibrated to the DICOM curve and remains compliant through its life. The color PrimeVue produces 1,786 grayscales for exact replication of the DICOM response curve, allowing for total confidence when viewing radiological medical images.