DOD, Florida to develop interoperable EMR
The Department of Defense is collaborating with Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration to develop an interoperable network for sharing electronic medical information. The effort is the first time DoD has formed a network with a non-federal entity to share electronic medical records.
The plan is for state healthcare providers who treat current and former military personnel and their families to have an opportunity to electronically access and exchange personal health information about their patients. The goal is to improve providers’ ability to access and share information that may be used to treat uniformed and retired personnel at DoD and non-military locations.
DoD believes this project is “an unprecedented partnership to exchange healthcare information that will enhance quality and efficiency for our mutual beneficiaries,” said Stephen Jones, PhD, principal deputy assistant secretary of defense for health affairs. “We hope to use the successes of this collaboration as a model to form sharing agreements with other states and healthcare entities in the future. It is an important step forward for healthcare IT.”
This new partnership will be executed through the Tampa Bay Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO), a state- and privately-funded entity. The location of the pilot will be the Tampa Bay area, with the Tampa Bay RHIO taking the lead in developing the interface with AHLTA, the Military Health System’s (MHS) electronic health record system. 
The MHS has approximately 700,000 beneficiaries who are residents or part-time residents of Florida, in addition to a large number of beneficiaries who visit the state.