Dolbey releases Voice2Text for back-end speech recognition
Dolbey, a developer of healthcare dictation, transcription, speech and coding products, has unveiled its Voice2Text, designed for the medical transcription service industry, which offers the productivity enhancements of back-end speech without requiring a change to a document management platform.

The Voice2Text add-on to Dolbey’s Fusion Voice digital dictation is powered by the speech engine, Philips SpeechMagic from Royal Philips Electronics. The speech recognition has been integrated with the Fusion Voice digital dictation system and provides simple, yet functional integration to a company’s existing document platform, according to Dolbey.

Companies can continue utilizing the document management system they already own to create reports, distribute reports, count lines, perform quality assurance, billing and payroll while capturing the advantage of the 25 to 80 percent increase in transcriptionist’s productivity offered by back-end speech, the company said.

Dolbey said the new product is offered in a “pay-as-you-go” model to minimize upfront investment.