Eastern European PACS Market sees double-digit growth
There are a number of obstacles to the eastern European PACS market, such as a lack of technology and infrastructure, as well as linguistic issues. Regardless, the market is growing at a double-digit rate due to large-scale investments and government initiatives, according to new Frost & Sullivan data. The organization projects that the Eastern European PACS Market which was worth $9.7 million in 2005 and could hit $29.3 million in 2012.

The PACS could be a big growth area for vendors who are able to provide customers with custom-made solutions and ensure smooth workflows. Among the major challenges that the market faces are the non-affordability of a fully integrated PACS system and the difficulty of achieving complete workflow integration. The need to standardize PACS, improve IT capabilities and operational knowledge of technicians, coupled with the presence of stringent, government-instituted regulatory norms are also creating an environment of business uncertainty, Frost & Sullivan said.

“Eastern Europe is a rapidly expanding market, especially as a result of its efforts to emulate western European healthcare systems,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Ranjit Ravindranathan. “Customizing PACS modules and providing a smooth integrated workflow environment is essential to vendor success.”

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