eCardio introduces new cardiac monitoring system
eCardio Diagnostics has launched its eVolution, a single-component cardiac monitoring system that provides patient information through automated data transmissions.

The eVolution detects and records cardiac rhythm events and transmits the data to the eLab, eCardio’s 24-hour monitoring center, according to the Woodlands, Texas-based company. The device provides computerized monitoring by means of a micro-processor running an auto-detecting algorithm. The technology delivers real-time data analysis, allowing physicians to discover both symptomatic and asymptomatic arrhythmias.

In addition, eCardio said that the eVolution offers:
  • A single component system, eliminating the monitor and base station associated with traditional ambulatory cardiac telemetry systems;
  • Flexibility for physicians to remotely program the device while being worn by the patient; and
  • Customized parameters to monitor changing patient conditions or specific patient requirements.