Eclipsys releases latest Sunrise clinical suite
Eclipsys Corp. has made available its Sunrise 4.5 XA clinical suite. Delivered on a single clinical platform, the system is designed to help caregiver processes across an enterprise, enabling patient information to flow from ambulatory and ED settings to critical care and other acute settings, the company said.

The Sunrise 4.5 XA advanced clinical suite delivers approximately 1,500 new or enhanced capabilities for improving patient throughput, documenting care, creating orders, reviewing test results, and coding for maximum reimbursement -- all on a single clinical platform.

Highlighted features of the Sunrise 4.5 XA include:
  • Patient-centric workflow -- Sunrise 4.5 XA features new, advanced workflow tools that are patient-centric, help eliminate paperwork and organize task management;
  • End-to-end medication management -- Sunrise 4.5 XA provides an integrated, end-to-end medication management solution that supports the workflows of physicians as they place orders, pharmacists as they verify and dispense medication orders, and nurses as they administer medications to the patient, with significant benefits in efficiency, accuracy and patient safety;
  • Point-of-care bar-coding -- Knowledge-based medication administration ensures safety during the medication administration process by checking the "five rights" of medication administration (right patient, right medication, right dose, right route, and right time) at the point of care;
  • Enhanced prescription writer - Helps clinicians create and maintain prescriptions in both ambulatory and ED environments. Expert dosing information, duplicate alerts at the point of prescription writing and drug-to-drug and drug-to-allergy checking at the time of prescription writing all help minimize potential errors and improve patient safety;
  • Expanded CPOE capabilities -- Now physicians can create complex orders and link individual orders so that a change to one medication order is automatically made in all. Sunrise 4.5 XA also includes 'soft stop' or review dates to meet individual hospital needs. To further support clinical workflows, Sunrise 4.5 XA supports 'Now and Then' and 'STAT and Then' orders, as well as multiple or uneven frequencies in a single order;
  • Enhanced support for emergency departments -- includes enhancements to the ED Display Board, a flexible system that provides color-coded alerts and custom-configured columns so that real-time information is immediately readable anywhere in the ED;
  • Rules-based patient tracking -- This flexible tool can be leveraged in the ED to escalate situations such as abnormal vital signs, or highlight special requirements such as latex allergies to help save lives;
  • Expanded content -- Helps clinicians make decisions based on proven best practices and healthcare organizations achieve consistently high standards of care;
  • Integrated clinical and financial solutions.