Edwards sues CoreValve over patent infringement of transcatheter heart valve
Edwards Lifesciences Corporation has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against CoreValve, of Irvine, Calif., in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware, which seeks injunctive relief and damages for infringement of three of the Andersen family of patents for transcatheter heart valve technology.

Edwards has a portfolio of patents in transcatheter heart valve technology, led by the Andersen patent family, and the company is seeking to protect its intellectual property and the interests of its clinician-inventors, said Bruce P. Garren, Edwards corporate vice president and general counsel.

In May 2007, Edwards initiated litigation against CoreValve in the District Court of Dusseldorf, Germany, for infringement of a related Andersen patent, EP 0 592 410 B1, and similar litigation is also now pending in the United Kingdom.  The European litigations address the sale of CoreValve's infringing valves; the suit filed today is directed at CoreValve's manufacture of valves in the United States for export and sale in Europe.

The relevant U.S. patents, No. 5,411,552, No. 6,168,614 and No. 6,582,462 — part of the Andersen patent portfolio — are owned by Edwards, according to Irivine, Calif.-based company. Edwards said the patents relate to a valve prosthesis for implantation by means of a catheter, and the product named in the suit is the CoreValve ReValving System.