Eizo Nanao Technologies
Eizo Nanao Technologies (Booth 4022) is presenting a 5-megapixel diagnostic medical display for mammography interpretation, the SMD 21510 D, at this year’s RSNA conference.

The 21-inch monochrome display features Fully Automated Stability technology that ensures reliably verified grayscale response and continuous luminance levels and it can be used with a number of standard or high-performance graphic cards.

The high-resolution monitor has 2048 x 2560 pixels and a luminance of 750 candelas per square meter (cd/m2). Two independently functional sensors are used to continuously monitor the luminance and grayscale levels. An Integrated Stability Sensor monitors the backlight at the center of the display while an Integrated Consistency Sensor ICS reviews performance on the front right corner without obstructing the user’s view of the display. This redundant monitoring system ensures consistently high image quality and conformance with medical imaging standards such as DICOM.

The company says its blue tinted Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp backlight is optimally suited to the human visual system, which is especially sensitive to light in this color range. This enables diagnoses with maximum sharpness and minimum eye fatigue.

The display also features five preset 12-bit look-up tables and is delivered pre-calibrated for use out of the box. The SMD 21510 D controller electronics also supports both 8-bit and 10-bit DVI input signals.