Eizo Nanao Technologies
Eizo's 5MP SMD21510  
Eizo Nanao Technologies (Booth 4022) is introducing new 1MP color and grayscale displays for a variety of modalities. The 19-inch displays, the SCD 19102 and SMD 19102, feature the latest viewing angle technology and luminance up to 280 cd/m2 for the color display and 1000 cd/m2 for the grayscale display. Both displays are available with two different options: a non-reflective protective glass screen and a multifunctional stand. The company also is adding a long-distance DVI – Link to its portfolio of accessories for modality, or displays. This copper-cable-based DVI – Link replaces fiber-optic cable between medical monitor and the video source.

The company also is debuting a 5 MP monochrome display for mammography. The SMD 21510 D, a 21-inch monochrome display, is ideally suited for mammography diagnosis and PACS applications. The high-resolution monitor has 2048 x 2560 pixels and a luminance of 750 cd/m2.