Eizo releases new 3MP monochrome LCD
Eizo Nanao Technologies at SCAR 2005 is introducing the RadiForce G33, a 3 MP monochrome LCD monitor for accurate diagnosis in medical imaging applications including PACS, chest radiology, CT, MRI and angiography.
According to Eizo, the G33 has a 13-bit look-up table that produces a palette of 8,161 grayscale tones from which 4,096 (12 bits) can be displayed simultaneously. The RadiForce offers aperture modulation that enables different area ratio for each sub-pixel giving the G33 darker blacks, brighter whites, displays a clearer, and more accurate image, Eizo said.
The new display features a built-in-sensor for image consistency. With the sensor and Eizo's quality control software RadiNET Pro and RadiCS, quality control personnel can remotely calibrate to the DICOM part 14 standard and set precise values for gamma, brightness, and grayscale gradations.