Emageon highlights Vital Images tool integration
Emageon also demonstrated its integration with the Vitrea software from Vital Images at HIMSS 2007 in New Orleans. The company offers Vitrea as an option for advanced clinical applications for visualization and integrated analysis tools that are complimentary to Emageon’s enterprise native visualization and workflow capabilities. Again, the tools are presented as part of a unified desktop presentation to prevent workflow interruption.

Also at HIMSS was the company’s MammoSuite, an application that provides a complete set of breast imaging and workflow tools for specialists. MammoSuite supports DICOM for CR, full-field digital mammography, MRI and ultrasound. As for acquisition, Emagoen offers the Kodak Mammography CR system. For image visualization and analysis, Emageon provides desktop sharing between Cedara I-ReadMammo and its own RadSuite. MammoSuite offers the ability to integrate results from major mammography CAD system, the company said.