EMC debuts new enterprise capture technologies
EMC has released its EMC Captiva InputAccel 6 and EMC Captiva Dispatcher 6 to advance enterprise capture performance and scalability, while simplifying development and deployment in both centralized and distributed capture environments.

The new technologies provide customers with a new service-oriented architecture (SOA) to leverage capture-as-a-service throughout the enterprise.

InputAccel is a configurable solution that captures and identifies documents and extracts and validates data from them before delivering data to line-of-business applications and content management systems.

Key to InputAccel 6 is the ability to support enterprise IT requirements for integrating and deploying capture solutions. The new web-based administration console allows IT to manage a multi-server environment, perform remote administration, monitor the capture system and review problem batches as well as produce custom reports.

Dispatcher 6 works with InputAccel 6 to enable intelligent document recognition by identifying incoming documents as they are captured, routing them based on pre-defined business rules and extracting business data from a variety of document formats.

Both products will be available at the end of November, according to EMC.