EMC showcases Centera system for mid-tier organizations
EMC Corp. is using SCAR to showcase its recently unveiled offering for mid-sized enterprises to expand its Centera family of content addressed storage (CAS) systems. Previously this technology was only available to very large healthcare organizations because of their sizable storage needs and also because of the costs. Yet, this new lower-capacity and lower-cost Centera has a four-node configuration that is designed to provide the same functionality available in Centera configurations currently used by much larger enterprises but at a lower price point, according to EMC.

Features of the Centera four-node offering include unified archive capability; 2.2 terabyte (TB) usable storage; a 'self-healing' capability that allows it to sense when a drive is failing and to shift data over to another location so that no data is lost; the four-node configuration is rack-mountable to any industry-standard rack, which helps organization that have space considerations; assists organizations with increasingly rigid regulatory compliance, including those of HIPAA; is build from off-the-shelf technology so that a traditional IT staff can maintain it; and comes at a price that is 35 percent lower than the previous Centera entry point, EMC said.