Enrollment completed of VIA drug trial targeting blood vessel inflammation
VIA Pharmaceuticals, a biotechnology company focused on the treatment of cardiovascular disease, has completed patient enrollment in the first of three Phase 2 trials investigating VIA-2291, a once-daily, oral drug to decrease the risk of major adverse cardiac events associated with inflammation.

The carotid endarterectomy (CEA) study enrolled 50 patients and is designed to provide direct evaluation of VIA-2291's effect on inflammation by analyzing plaque removed from the carotid arteries of patients treated with the drug or placebo.

The trial will also measure standard serum biomarkers to gauge reduction of inflammation.

The Phase 2 program of VIA-2291 includes three concurrent, ongoing trials testing the compound in a variety of clinical settings, including an acute coronary syndrome (ACS) trial.

The ACS trial is designed to establish dose and safety data in patients with ACS who have experienced a recent heart attack or stroke, and includes measures of leukotrienes, biomarkers of inflammation, as well as FDG-PET imaging of the coronary vessels in a subset of patients, to evaluate the impact of VIA-2291 on plaque characteristics.

VIA said it expects to present the CEA study results in the third quarter of this year; and enrollment is also nearing completion for its ACS Phase 2 trial.