Fischer Imaging and Philips Team Up To Further Women Care

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Afforded a $468,000 research grant, Fischer Imaging Corp. will collaborate with Philips Medical Systems' ultrasound business in Bothell, Wash., to arrange development studies for an integrated ultrasound and digital mammography system.

 The Phase I small business innovation research grant was issued to the Denver-based Fischer Imaging from the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The project stems from recent studies suggesting high-quality breast ultrasound can find additional cancers in women with dense breasts after undergoing standard screening mammography and diagnosed negative for cancer.

 "This research project is an example of two well-accepted imaging modalities which, when combined, can potentially generate substantial improvements in diagnostic accuracy," said Victor Reddick, senior vice president of Philips ultrasound. "Our goal will be to acquire both ultrasound and digital mammography images concurrently, producing a higher sensitivity and specificity for screening tests."