Fujifilm introduces XG2000 dual-cassette CR system
Billing it as the market’s only field-upgradeable digital x-ray system, Fujifilm Medical Systems USA at SIIM in Providence, R.I., June 7-10, announced the availability of the XG2000, a digital x-ray system designed to meet the workflow needs of facilities requiring a true two cassette-slot CR reader. It is the only CR product on the market that can be field-upgraded to four cassette slots when patient capacities demand a higher volume system.
XG2000 system design offers:
  • Redundancy - Two independent cassette insertion slots ensure continuous uptime.
  • Quality - Unique minimal contact cassette design ensures the cassette is not ingested into the reader, preventing foreign objects and dust that can cause image artifacts and compromise durability.
  • Performance - Life of the imaging plates (IPs) is extended and image quality is maintained by the use of an internal brush that automatically cleans the optics.
  • Speed - The XG2000 is faster than any reader in its class, processing 40 more images per hour than competitive products.
For facilities with workflows that demand maximum throughput, the XG2000 also offers Fujifilm's Fast Scan mode. Available with both the XG2000 and the XG5000 (the four cassette slot version of the XG2000) Fast Scan mode increases the throughput of these high capacity systems even further. When enabled, throughput is increased by more than 18 percent, processing 122 14"x17" imaging plates per hour with image preview beginning in only 11 seconds.