Fujifilm Medical Systems
Fujifilm Medical Systems (Booth 6823) is highlighting its Synapse PACS, along with other solutions for managed services, information systems, cardiac imaging and women's imaging.

The new Synapse Radiology features to be available in the next product release, Version 4.02. The new features include:
  • Communications Accelerator: A tool set enables full compliance with the Joint Commission guidelines and the American College of Radiology (ACR) practice guideline for Communication of Diagnostic Imaging Findings and Peer Review. Features including critical results reporting, embedded instant messaging and task list management (scan priors, burn CDs, obtain lab results) are built-in and accessible via one click of a tab on the Synapse Power Jacket.
  • Advanced Visualization Tools: Synapse 3D for PET/CT expands the current MIP and MPR capabilities with PET/CT Fusion functionality. The new feature - expected to be released second quarter 2009 - allows for the fusion of PET and CT data from hybrid scanners and the calculation of SUVs required in the diagnostic process.
  • Advanced Imaging Navigation: Multi-image studies can be interpreted with fewer clicks. Thumbnails of each image in the series are now displayed at the top of the monitor, and with drag-and-drop can be added into the view port. Each image is also marked as read or unread, eliminating any question or duplication.
  • Configurable Patient Master Jacket: Facilities have the flexibility to configure Synapse to interface with specialty third party features such as advanced orthopedic or 3D imaging applications.
  • Intelligent Worklist: A new dashboard provides a single graphical view (versus multiple worklists) of department activity for radiology and other clinical users.

Synapse Managed Services was designed to enable Fujifilm to manage Synapse PACS and its related IT functions. The Managed Services offering, which originally comprised a set of turnkey solutions, including software, system management, PACS hosting and disaster recovery - now also includes RIS hosting.

Its Synapse Information Systems integrates Fujifilm's Synapse PACS and the Encompass.NET RIS. The web-based solution is ideal for teleradiology and can be accessed with the same graphical user interface (GUI) regardless of location. Additional features are:
  • Peer Review, which allows radiologists to designate studies for double read as well as generate random study selection. Notes can be added and searched, discrepant findings appropriately handled, as well as other necessary tools.
  • Critical Results Workflow, which supports new Joint Commission requirements, embedded workflow supports critical results reporting.
  • Radiology Dashboard, a single view of the radiology department that is available on the RIS homepage. Data includes outstanding reports to be signed, results waiting, patient waiting time, low inventory items and outstanding STAT studies.
  • Imaging and Informatics Convergence, which provides the ability for technologists to capture dose information within the RIS, complete studies, QA exams, review patient alerts and view radiologist protocol notes.

Synapse Cardiovascular 4.0 is web-based solution for cardiovascular imaging with viewing and reporting capabilities, using web communication protocols, secured via SSL, in addition to a web URL single-click application download and installation. Also, Fujifilm is demonstrating new cardiovascular features including OpenECG, a single-access ECG Management System that now allows facilities to manage and coordinate every ECG from any department, including the ED.

Synapse Women's Imaging, includes a suite of enhanced mammography features in various stages of the regulatory process. Fujifilm has added a new workstation and with more advanced features to aid the interpretation of full-field digital mammography (FFDM) and other breast imaging studies.
Other solutions include:
  • Its Aspire Breast Imaging Workstation Powered by Synapse, which delivers multi-modality breast imaging functionality to complement Fujifilm's FFDM offering; it can be installed as an image and information management solution or it can be a supplement to facilities' existing PACS.
  • Breast Area Detection Algorithms, which provides a method to better align breast images at the chest wall for symmetrical presentation to the radiologist. This feature can be applied to current and comparison studies. This also provides for improved contrast display by controlling the density of non-breast areas of the image independent from the breast area.
  • Patented Compression Technology - Already validated and used as part of Synapse for compression of CT, MR, and CR images, among others, Fujifilm's patented AON (access over network) wavelet compression technology was recently put to the test in a blinded study for use with FFDM images.