Fujifilm unveils new dual-detector DR system
CHICAGO—Fujifilm Medical Systems introduced the Unity-fp SpeedSuite, a new dual-detector DR system designed to improve image quality while decreasing dose, at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) this week.  

While it offers all the same features of its predecessor, Fujifilm’s Unity SpeedSuite single detector system, the new Unity-fp SpeedSuite also includes a Cesium Bromide focused phosphor DR detector, detector that increases x-ray absorption and reduces scatter radiation. The new system also has 100 micron spatial resolution.

“Because it’s a focused phosphor system, it takes quite a bit less dose to get the same images in a flat-panel detector room,” Tom Briggs, marketing manager for DR imaging systems at Fujifilm, told Health Imaging News.

The Unity-fp SpeedSuite is not yet available in the United States. Briggs said that the company has submitted pre-market approval (PMA) with the FDA, but is going to “evaluate the U.S. market before establishing a launch date.” However, digital x-ray system is currently for sale outside the United States, and is sold under the name FDR Velocity Unity-fp.

Unity-fp SpeedSuite also comes with SpeedLink x-ray control software, an interface between the Flash IIP technologist’s workstation and the x-ray generator. The software automatically sets exam technique, exposure settings and processing algorithms for each exam according to Fujifilm’s anatomical parameters.  

Physically, the SpeedSuite features Siemens' front-end x-ay equipment with all Velocity systems and/or ClearView-ES and ClearView-D. The new system consists of Fujifilm’s Velocity Ufp or U (upright stand) and Velocity Tfp or T (table), along with a ceiling mounted x-ray tube. Itts motorized auto-tracking ceiling mounted tube stand includes magnet-actuated parking brakes, three-meter-long transverse track, SID encoder, integrating locking roller, electromagnetic brake for telescopic lift, mechanical center position catch and a vertical travel range of 1.5 meters.