Fujitsu answers healthcare professional?s needs for mobility, security
Fujitsu Computer Systems displayed an array of powerful, secure, convertible notebooks and tablet PCs designed to meet the demands of mobile and field professionals in healthcare during the 2008 HIMSS conference at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company beefed up the power and security on its LifeBook P Series convertible laptops, which Paul Moore, senior director, mobile product marketing, Fujitsu, told Health Imaging News was exemplified in the LifeBook P1620, a 2.2-pound feather-light powerhouse packed with full PC functionality and an 8.9-inch touch screen display.

The convertible notebook now sports a powerful IntelCore 2 Duo processor and includes Fujitsu Portshutter data leak prevention software.

Moore said the LifeBook P1620 is suitable for healthcare professionals who require the flexibility of a tablet for note-taking or navigating through forms-based applications, along with the traditional keyboard input of a notebook computer.

Mobile workers can use the included Fujitsu Portshutter software to restrict which I/O ports can be used and what types of USB devices are allowed to keep their data secure.
The software, which can also temporarily restrict the use of ports when the computer is left unattended, is designed to help prevent confidential information from being copied to removable devices, and even prevent the connection of external devices that might compromise security.

"The Fujitsu LifeBook P Series convertible notebook has become an indispensable tool for mobile professionals," said Moore. "From a built-in biometric fingerprint sensor and the Trusted Platform Module, to Portshutter and BIOS support for Absolute Software's Computrace computer theft recovery, data protection, and secure asset tracking software, the Fujitsu P1620 notebook goes beyond keeping mobile workers productive to help them protect their valuable data."

Fujitsu also showcased the LifeBook U810 mini and the ultra-portable LifeBook T2010 convertible notebooks during the show.
The 1.56 pound LifeBook U810 mini, with a 5.6 inch LED back-lit touch screen display, and the 3.5 pound LifeBook T2010 convertible notebook with a 12.1 inch LED back-lit display will be available with AT&T's BroadbandConnect High-Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA) wireless WAN in March.

"Today, ultimate mobility means more than 'easy to carry around' -- it means a small, lightweight, highly reliable device that offers wireless connectivity at broadband speeds," said Moore. "With HSUPA access integrated into the LifeBook U810 mini and LifeBook T2010 convertible notebooks, Fujitsu combines extreme mobility with unequaled data connectivity for an outstanding consumer experience."

With the power to run all standard applications, the LifeBook U810 mini notebook functions like a traditional notebook with an ultra-slim QWERTY keyboard, or by swiveling the WSVGA Crystal View illuminated screen, as a handheld tablet PC with a touch screen for finger or pen input. Weighing in at 3.5 pounds, the LifeBook T2010 notebook is ideal for mobile users who desire a lightweight convertible but don't want to sacrifice battery life or display size.

“We are trying to accommodate the needs of healthcare professionals who really need access to information, anywhere, anytime, along with the ability to annotate files,” Moore said.