Gamma Medica-Ideas brings new CT subsystem
Gamma Medica-Ideas (GM-I) has added a new high resolution CT subsystem to its Flex Triumph pre-clinical imaging platform, designed to improve the images generated by CT imaging. The new subsystem contains a variable focal spot x-ray source which provides the user with the option to select between high resolution (≤ 15 microns) or low-dose (≤ 1.2 cGy), high throughput (< 1 minute) whole body mouse scans.

GM-I will offer the high resolution CT subsystem as an option in its multi-modality Flex Triumph Platform, which also supports X-PET, LabPET, X-SPECT (NaI or CZT), and X-O (CT) pre-clinical imaging sub-systems. Flex Triumph can be configured in single, dual or tri-modality combinations. The new subsystem is also available as an upgrade to GM-I’s existing Flex customers.