GE awards $500K to community health centers in Baltimore
The GE Foundation, General Electric’s philanthropic wing, awarded a $500,000 grant to two Baltimore-based health centers that focus on providing healthcare to underserved communities.

The grant was awarded to Chase Brexton Health Services and People’s Community Health Centers as part of the GE Foundation’s $25 million Developing Health program, which aims to improve access to healthcare for underserved communities in the U.S.

“A staggering number of 47 million people in the United States are uninsured or lack access to basic healthcare, and we are committed to providing services to the uninsured and underserved through grants and GE volunteering in the communities,” said Bob Corcoran, president of the GE Foundation.

Chase Brexton and People’s Community run 14 health centers across Maryland, providing healthcare, social services and health education to tens of thousands of low-income patients and families.

The Developing Health grant is part of GE’s broader Developing Health Globally program, which works to improve healthcare in 14 countries in part by employing GE technology to meet critical gaps in healthcare facilities.