GE releases ultrasound scanner with fusion, GPS capabilities
GE Healthcare has launched a new ultrasound system for radiology and vascular applications that fuses ultrasound images with images from other imaging modalities like CT and MR.

The company said its new Logiq E9 includes Volume Navigation, a tool that incorporates two components to maximize the system’s new ultrasound architecture:
  • Fusion to combine real-time ultrasound imaging with the resolution of CT, MR or PET; and
  • GPS-like technology to track and mark a patient’s anatomy during an ultrasound exam.
The new architecture, called Agile Ultrasound, has new, modular mathematical models that provide more accurate measurements of how sound interacts with different body tissue types, GE said. 

Another feature for the Logiq E9 is Scan Assistant, which aids clinicians to put the emphasis on diagnosis rather than on keystrokes, allowing a clinician to pre-program the actions most often performed, then let the system do the detailed manipulations as the patient is scanned. The company also said it improves exam time up to 54 percent, automatically inserts comments, completes measurements, steers color doppler, sets up imaging controls and modes, and improves ergonomics.