GE showcases innovative imaging product lines
CHICAGO—GE Healthcare showcased new concepts and imaging product lines, focused on prevention and pre-symptomatic disease detection at the 2008 Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting. The company highlighted three new diagnostic imaging product lines, which were “inspired by customer needs and developed in response to changing market dynamics,” the company said.

Optima, Brivo and Discovery, which were showcased at GE’s Innovation Destination booth, encompass diagnostic imaging products that enable healthcare providers to research, diagnose, treat, monitor and share critical information for a variety of diseases and medical conditions, according to GE. As part of its new product line launch, GE also rebranded several existing products, including its LightSpeed multidetector CT scanner, which is now called the Discovery CT750HD.

Specifically, Discovery is designed for advanced clinical applications; Optima will be employed for systems designed for high volume users who want to maximize throughput; and Brivo is GE’s economy-oriented product line, designed to offer "essential functionality in a straightforward and practical package," according to the company.

For each new product line, the company also showcased proof-of-concept of products that are in research and development. For example, for Brivo, GE highlighted the potential application of touchscreen technology to be incorporated into the design of a PET scanner. In this concept, a PET scanner would have a touchscreen control on the ring that encircles the patient. Clinicians would be able to call up tools for changing the environment or for patient positioning or readjustment.

The Optima line is specifically focused on integrating customer modifications to existing products, to create new concepts that will improve workflow efficiency, GE said. For example, engineers for these systems work with customers to modify equipment to hold items, such as wipes and or glove boxes. Also showcased was Simplicity, a patient dashboard application that acts as middleware to connect clinicians with patient information and images. An iPhone application for radiologists to view images on the handheld device also was being demonstrated.

Robert M. Honigberg, MD, chief medical officer of GE, told Health Imaging News that the company is focused going forward on integrating IT and investing not just in high-end products and concepts, but on concepts that tackle workflow and efficiency for any healthcare organization, facility or imaging center, to “ensure that we have medicine, patient care as our value propositions in mind when developing new products.”

Stay tuned to Health Imaging News over the next few weeks for in-depth coverage of GE’s recent additions to its healthcare portfolio.