Healthcare IT execs and marketing execs not on same page
There is a disconnect between healthcare IT marketing executives and their customers – healthcare IT purchasing decision makers, according to a report from HIMSS Analytics and O’Keeffe & Company, a marketing consulting agency. 

The report “The 2007 Healthcare IT Sanity Check,” is the result of 200 online and telephone surveys conducted in September 2007. O’Keeffe & Company and HIMSS Analytics identified and compared healthcare IT executive preferences and habits with healthcare IT industry marketing executives’ perceptions of the same.

The study showed that functionality is the most important criteria for healthcare IT execs in their decision process (77 percent) versus only 57 percent of marketing execs. Marketing execs consider price to be of more concern (57 percent) compared to 44 percent of healthcare IT execs who consider price the most important criteria.

Marketing execs commit only five percent of their budgets to facilitating peer-to-peer communication which is at odds with 72 percent of healthcare IT execs who think their peers are the most influential information sources.

According to the results, 70 percent of healthcare IT executives consult with four or more sources when researching a new technology investment, while approximately one-half of marketing executives report that less than 50 percent of their tactics are part of multi-channel programs.

The report recommends marketing execs ask more questions from healthcare IT execs and listen better; align their investments with customer preferences; and select relevant marketing vehicles. More information can be found at