HP takes enterprise perspective
An enterprise perspective is important for assessing and strategizing to implement data intelligence, said Ken Jarvis, director, HP Americas, at HIMSS07 in New Orleans. HP offers software and middleware to integrate devices into the workflow. For example, studies have shown that the average nurse walks 4 to 6 miles per shift. Even when a facility is digital, the systems aren’t necessarily unified.

HP won a project two years ago with St. Olaf in Norway. The two organizations teamed up to make the hospital a modern facility through its entertainment, phone, nurse call and IT systems. At St. Olaf, data is input at the bedside. It is now a true digital hospital, Jarvis said, down to integrating IT into building systems such as lighting the elevators.

HP’s medical archive solution – ILM for healthcare version 2.5 grid – is included in the PACS of McKesson, GE and Fuji. HP acquired Knightsbridge last fall to help increase the adoption of business intelligence by providers. The healthcare industry is increasing its need for management software and has higher expectations, Jarvis said.

He said that there are several business models for electronic record systems. “Being able to scale is critical,” he said. Some companies have been successful with hosting and he has seen more vendors serving as an ASP.