iCAD announces new mammo film digitizer, 'Gateway to Digital' program
iCAD Inc. recently announced the availability of its PureLook Mammography Film Digitizer. PureLook is the film-to-digital acquisition module for the iCAD TotalLook, and SecondLook product lines, the company said.

Digitizing prior mammograms makes comparative reading in the same digital context possible to help evaluate change over time. To drive the point home, iCAD sites a study by the American Cancer Society over 90 percent of the estimated 48 million mammograms taken this year are for women who have previous studies. Mammography is interpreted with as much emphasis on information from the prior years as the current year, and thus PureLook was specifically developed to capture the full fidelity of film based mammograms to avoid any break in context, iCAD said.

PureLook is based on iCAD's patented CIS device technology and eliminates mirrors or traditional lenses enables to reduce image aberrations and flaws and provide exceptional spatial resolution of the captured films. The system is also able to achieve an uncompromised optical density (OD) range from 0 to 4.4 capturing the optimal ranges of grayscale. And PureLook also provides image detail at 12 lp/mm precision, the company said.

iCAD also recently announced the availability of its "Gateway to Digital" programs, designed to make the transition to CAD mammography easier and more affordable for breast care facilities currently still using film.