IDX founder running for Congress with healthcare top on his agenda
Republican U.S. Senate candidate and IDX founder Richard Tarrant of Vermont recently stated that healthcare is the No. 1 issue facing Americans today. He plans to unveil a proposal for a number of reforms targeted at the federal-state Medicaid program which would be replaced by an expansion of Medicare, according to the AP.
In a speech Tuesday, Terrant said that he is skeptical that healthcare woes can be resolved just on the state level. Citing the enormous bureaucracies that exist in the 56 separate Medicaid systems which support low-income and uninsured individuals, he said that a better solution would be extend the reach of Medicare which now only covers the elderly.
A number of states have made serious - and expensive - attempts to get their Medicaid system to meet the needs of a large selection of people, said Tarrant. IDX actually benefited from this in that it would be called in every two years or so by various states to put in new systems and computers. He characterized this by saying, "We're spinning our wheels."
Tarrant must first face his likely Republican opponent Greg Parke of Rutland, Vt., in September's Republican primary. If he wins, Tarrant is expected to face independent U.S. Rep. Bernard Sanders in the November election.