Imagin Molecular targets coronary artery disease reversal and prevention segment

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Imagin Molecular Corporation recently announced today plans to own, operate and administer outpatient coronary artery disease (CAD) reversal and prevention centers that utilize PET and PET/CT scanning equipment, the company said.

Imagin's plan is to offer a research proven, non-surgical CAD reversal program guided by non-invasive imaging. Imagin possesses a bioinformatics, evidence-based solution for the cost containment of CAD detection and treatment based on PET diagnostics as a primary modality.

Because of its association with Positron Corporation, Imagin believes it is capable of delivering a less expensive PET and PET/CT that eliminates a major barrier to entry for the CAD reversal and prevention centers. This system is expected to facilitate widespread clinical acceptance.

Imagin Nuclear Partners (Imagin Molecular Corporation's wholly owned subsidiary) has targeted 20 key markets in which they will joint venture with an existing cardiology group or open a free-standing center around an active cholesterol management program. Additionally, Imagin Nuclear Partners has identified the CAD reversal and prevention center market at over 7,000 community hospitals and private imaging partners that would benefit from Imagin Nuclear Partner's methodology and system.

Currently Imagin Nuclear Partners is in negotiations with five imaging centers to form such joint ventures.